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Junk Removal services

Junk Removal

property left outside after eviction.

Chances are, you may think a lot when it comes to junk removal. The very first question that pops out in your mind must be; ‘is it really worth it?’ Well, it is actually worth it!

Disposing of your trash or junk can help clean your surroundings and prevent numerous diseases. However, removing junk on your own may seem a bit overwhelming.

Well, you need to know that we are here to serve you with our best expertise. Drop a line right now and we’ll take up the battle against junk only for you, once and for all! Explicit Junk Service can help you get rid of any unwanted junk for you. All you need to do is call us and let us know your requirements. Our emergency removal service is ideal if you want to avail our junk removal service at an expedited speed.

Light Demolition Work

Small excavator for demolition.

Light demolition is one crucial part of house remodeling. Like most homeowners, you spend enough time planning about light demolition when remodeling your house and want to come up with the best one. When it comes to taking down an old deck, ripping out a shower, taking down some cabinets, or demolishing any room in your home, the things become difficult.

Rather than scratching your mind over the best practice, give the experts of Explicit Junk Service a call do it for you. Our skilled workers can leverage their extensive experience to help you in your demolition job. Capable of performing all light demolition tasks for you, they are able to get the job done right for the first time and at an affordable price.


Garage clean-out

We can understand how mind-numbing it is to experience watching scrap pile up and accumulate in and around your precious place of residence. Such wreckages can be a reason for stress, not to mention, an increasing health and safety hazard. What’s more scary, this pile of wreckage can bring down the resale value of your home or office building, as well.

It is wise to clean out the junk and not let it accumulate to overwhelming proportions as it can result in various life-threatening diseases. Why take any risk when it comes to your loved ones’ lives? Instead of giving up, you need to take action right away by getting professionals involved.

Explicit Junk Service is equipped with the most experienced and professional workers who can help you get rid of any unwanted trash from your house. We can provide efficient, safe and eco-friendly foreclosure and estate clean out service for you and your loved ones.

All you have to do is get in touch with us and let us know about your needs, and rest assured we will do a cleanout job above and beyond your expectations.

Junk Hauling Services

Hauling junk services

To get rid of any excessive junk, rubble, trash or discarded materials, you need expert help for an efficient removal. Explicit Junk Service provides a reliable hauling service. We have both the experience and equipment to carry out any small or large hauling task with integrity, efficiency and minimum intrusion to your daily life.

With years of experience serving clients and inclusive understanding of project handling, we can give you the service you want. In one call, we’ll arrive at your home with our truck ready to haul away any unwanted junk away from you.

Simple or complex, we are capable enough of removing anything you don’t want anymore. So, call us now and let us sort it, load it and haul it!

Our Premium Services

Appliance & Furniture Removal

We’ll pick-up all major household appliances and machines, from exercise equipment to electronics, and we take every precaution to ensure your safety and the use of eco-friendly recycling methods.

Debris & Yard Trash

Whether you need residential or commercial debris and yard trash removal, Explicit Junk service has the experience to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and at an affordable rate. We remove all types of green yard waste including dirt, tree trimmings.

Post Construction Clean-up

We service commercial undertakings of all sizes, including large and small apartments, colleges, school, cities, and businesses.We provide hauling and recycling services that help eliminate trash and clutter.

E-Waste Removal

Need to get rid of old electronic devices? We offers full service residential and commercial solutions for e-waste disposal, and we use the most advanced methods and technology to assure efficient and environmentally sound recycling.

Foreclosures/ Evictions

Bank & Real Estate Agents can also work with us to handle Foreclosed homes or other distressed properties. We Make this process affordable and easy with upfront pricing, easy scheduling, and fast service. At Explicit Junk Service we offer property clean-out services to help families during what may be a difficult time.

Hoarding / Garage Clean-Out

Hoarding can become serious problem if left unchecked. Here at Explicit junk we take pride in helping anyone who has a clutter issue. Clean-outs have never been simpler, more affordable, or less time-consuming than they are when you trust the process to the experts.

What We Take

Mattresses | Sofas | Pianos | Carpeting | Box Springs | Clothing | Shoes | Bookshelves | Tables | Chairs | Clocks | And More
Televisions | PCs | Servers | Modems | Copiers | Fax Machines | Printers | Scanners | Video Equipment | Monitors | Tablets.
 Refrigerators | Dishwashers | Trash Compactors | Stoves | Ovens | Microwaves | Washers | Dryers | Counter-top Appliances 
 Fences | Propane Tanks | Grills | Patio Furniture | Outdoor Sheds | Hot Tubs | Planters | Pool Equipment | Garden Tools .
Lumber | Joists | Shingles | Windows | Doors | Insulation | Ducting | Wiring | Conduits | Pipes
Workstations | Documents | Cardboard | Filing Cabinets | Paper | Chairs | Conference Tables | Shelving

Here at Explicit Junk Service, We do not take hazardous material but  give us a call anyway. We may be able to help or point you in the right direction.